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We must learn not to judge different areas of knowledge, culture, or art, but to combine them and to establish new ways of coexistence with those who enable us to meet the unique demands of our time.

(Ilya Prigogine & Isabelle Stengers, 1979)



In Limerick,Ireland.


I'm delighted you've come to explore my Website and I hope you have just as much fun here as we had creating it for you.


Ik ben verrukt dat u mijn website komt bezoeken en ik hoop dat u evenveel plezier hebt erop als wij hadden toen we hem maakten!.

أهلا وسهلا بك في موقعي الخاص على الشبكة العنكبوتية

Abdalghani Mushtaha (Abed)
abmushta (at) vub (dot) ac (dot) be
abed1980 (at) hotmail (dot) com


General Information

Abdalghani Mushtaha earned his masters in computer science at the Free University of Brussels (Belgium); where he is currently doing his PhD. He is a member of Web & Information System Engineering (WISE) laboratory. His undergraduate dissertation focused on the cultural differences and its effects on educational portals.


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Research information

I am currently a PhD-Researcher working at the Computer Science department of the Faculty of Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Most of my time is invested in research, my research is situated in the context of E-Learning and educational libraries. The proposed research is about evaluating the influence of the users’ cultural background on content and interface understanding in the context of e-learning, and to develop a design methodology for learning environments that take into account social, religion and cultural factors.

Research interests:

  • Metadata of Learning Objects

  • Conceptual Modeling (ORM, UML)

  • Semantic Learning

  • Human Computer Interaction

  • Cross culture differences.

  • Websites personalization / Localisation / Internationalisations.

Contact Information

Room 6 G 305 (B)
(Campus Etterbeek, Building G, 6th floor)
+32 2 629 37 54
+32 2 629 35 25
Mobile +324 856 966 94
E-mail Abdalghani.Mushtaha@vub.ac.be
Mail Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Department of Computer Science - WISE
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussels

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