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Here are few pieces of information about me. My name is Maria- Venetia Apostolopoulou and I was born on December 01, 1975 in a small Greek city called Alexandroupolis which is located in Thrace. After attending several Environmental Studies (Home Economics and Ecology, Sustainable Development, Human Ecology and Ecological Marine Management) and going through several jobs, I took over the regional office of East Macedonia and Thrace which is located in Brussels, Belgium.

For any further information about my job you can download in PDF format newsletter1, newsletter2, newletter3, newsletter4 or visit the homepage of the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace (in case it is not ''all Greek'' to you!)

My hobbies are music to which half of my life is dedicated and doing sports. My favorite one is diving which is an enthralling experience you may not forget!

If you are interested in more details about me, you can download my curriculum vitae  in PDF format


How can you contact me? Well, there are few methods:

- You may e-mail me at bapostolopoulou@yahoo.com or at mapostol@vub.ac.be. It's the preferred way.
- You may phone me at +32 495907993 (at virtually any time, but please not at night or so!)
- You may send me an ordinary letter to my home address, but then you have to contact me in some other way to find out what my snail-mail address is...


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